Engines keep the world sailing

Let others say why HDM is value for money and best option for servicing your engines, main and auxiliary:

  • Chief Jarkko (80 m Motor Yacht) “HDM shows extreme flexibility and work according MTU procedures”
  • Captain Lawrence (53 m Motor Yacht) “These Dutch guys maintain their high quality standards”
  • Captain Mark (60 m Motor Yacht) “Thanks to the engineer for the excellent work performed in the Far East”
  • Chief Ferdi (55 m Motor Yacht) “Overhaul during crossing the equator, exceptional and unusual performance”
  • Chief Igor “Motivated engineers who have service in their DNA”
  • Captain Andrew (53 m Motor Yacht) “HDM keeps our yacht in perfect machinery condition, even in Mexico”
  • Captain Maurice (47 m Motor Yacht) “Ingénieurs qui sont allround et très professionnel”


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