Specialist in engine maintenance

HDM specializes in the maintenance, repair, and overhauling of diesel and gas engines for maritime, offshore, and industrial applications. As an authorized dealer of MTU, Northern Lights, Detroit Diesel, and MWM, HDM is capable of performing maintenance, repairs, and overhauls of these brands according to factory standards.


One-stop shopping policy

HDM has a one-stop shopping policy for major clients in industries such as petrochemicals, offshore, and fleet owners. HDM also offers the option to maintain your entire motor fleet.

HDM knows no boundaries. Whether at home or abroad, you can rely on HDM. HDM conducts maintenance, repairs, and overhauls as needed, either in our workshop or on-site.


Breakdown on the road?

Do you have a breakdown on the road? HDM’s engineers are trained to assist you, with well-equipped service vans, to get you back on the road.

Business cases

You can rely on our service in these markets:


Yachts are crafted with great finesse and precision, where the engine serves as the beating heart of this craftsmanship. HDM has years of experience in maintaining and overhauling these engines. We do what we excel at and where our passion lies. Whether it’s in one of the harbors in the Netherlands, Europe, or even in other parts of the world, we offer you the best service wherever you are.



Over the years, HDM has provided maintenance for all types of diesel installations for maritime applications. Whether it’s propulsion, generator, or pump engines, we can take care of them all.


In the past decades, HDM engineers have visited many ships. Along the Dutch rivers, in international ports, and actively at sea. No mountain too high, no sea too deep.


Past, present, and future: we maintain your engines and keep them in reliable condition.


HDM has been a well-established name in the offshore business for years. Our technicians are certified, medically fit to work, and trained for offshore conditions. Our extensive experience makes HDM the top choice for repairing your diesel and gas engines.


HDM holds contracts and agreements with various brands, allowing us to maintain your entire engine fleet. Efficient one-stop shopping facilitated by versatile technicians.


Offshore? Absolutely, we’ve got it covered!

Off-Highway and Industrial

A reliable engine is essential for your business. HDM possesses all the skills and experience necessary to keep your engines performing at their peak. HDM keeps you back on the road, in the air, and on the right track. We are an independent service dealer for major engine brands. HDM is a flexible and professional company that understands the world of your industry.


So, we’re an excellent partner for your combustion engine, no matter what it’s used for. HDM also offers contracts for fleet owners. 100% hassle-free.


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