Sustainable Solutions

Welcome to HDM Sustainable Solutions, a new part of the HDM group focused on promoting a greener future.

Reducing emissions, improving the climate and circularity are of paramount importance. In order to contribute to this, we have set a number of key objectives.

Energy storage with ESBA

One of these goals is to store energy generated by, for example, the sun or wind.

This ESBA (Energy Storage By Air) project is a system in which we store the energy generated with solar panels and/or wind turbines in an air pressure battery. This has the great advantage that it can be used at a later time, for example in the evening to use this “green” electricity for charging mobility purposes.

This immediately results in significant savings on CO2 emissions. The ESBA can also be a partial solution for the ever-growing grid congestion.

Here you will see an indicative operation of the ESBA

We will share regular updates on the progress of this project on our website.

Emission measurements and the CTU project

Industrial Emissions can be measured with the HDM measuring technology and can be viewed and stored online. The so-called Measuring at the pipe is to constantly measure the emissions from engines.

And measurements of volatile hydrocarbons are used to monitor and control vapor processing systems, among other things.

The CTU is such a vapor softening system and also the next target of HDM

The CTU (Cargo Treatment Unit) project is currently receiving the highest priority due to the upcoming degassing ban that will come into effect on July 1, 2024.

With our CTU unit we ensure that vapors/gases, which until now have been freely ventilated into the atmosphere, are condensed back into the original charge/liquid with our unit. In this way we prevent harmful substances from being released into the air. Here too, we will share regular updates as the project progresses.









Stay informed of our developments

We are excited about the progress we are making in our efforts for a more sustainable future. Stay informed about our projects via the website for the latest updates and developments. This allows us to have a positive impact on the environment and climate.